We designed the SEKIBIKES 130 in 2014, and in the past years, we did many tests on the frame and all the accessories listed in the configuration by 3 versions frame then make confirmation of the configuration list. And most accessories come from original factory directly without any distributor.


From 2016 we started to test the complete bikes, for present we have ride the bike by different riders for more than 8000KM by 70kg rider on city road and off-road without any problems, the frame is strong enough for normative riding. The electronics systems (battery + motor + controller + display) are very stable. Riding the bike is comfortable and excited.



SEKIBIKES will provide full after-sales service, and supply a certain amount of free spare accessories with each order shipping together.




Now we are going to sell the bikes world wide, if you are interested in our bikes or want to become dealer, please feel free mail to us for more information and quotation.


We are accepting preorder, lead time is 3 weeks.


















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